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Inmate Concerns

There are many concerns when someone comes home after a long absence.  For inmates the stakes are higher.  A few of these concerns are listed below:

  • Getting a job
  • Staying clean and sober
  • Building positive new relationships
  • Often the inmate's role was not healthy prior to arrest and incarceration.  What is the new role going to be?
  • Fear of failing (this is huge)
  • Trust will have to be re-built and will take time
  • What are the expectations of each family member and how can those be prioritized?

Preparing For Release does not address housing, employment, or how to obtain sobriety. 

Family Concerns

For families the stakes are also high.  A few concerns that families might have are listed below:

  • When will he/she get a job?
  • What if he/she does not remain clean and sober?
  • What remains of our relationship before incarceration.  Will I/we recognize him/her?
  • Will he/she go back to their old lifestyle and friends that were prevalent prior to incarceration?
  • What is his/her role in the family going to be?
  • When can I trust him/her again (checkbook, discipline, intimacy, etc.)

Preparing For Release is designed to addressed the Sociological issues faced with reentry.   It provide tools and information that will aid both the inmate and the family for a successful release.





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