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  • "If you want to keep it, you've got to learn how to keep it alive.  This program opened new ways to keep communication relative and alive." Family member
  • "I think this is a wonderful program.  Change is good, once we get past our fears.  This class gives us the opportunity to do so while we are not around the other offender population." Inmate
  • "The greatest strength of this program is the way we got to put things in perspective and differing view points" Inmate
  • "The program opened my eyes to time I need to spend with God, working with His will in my life.  I also learned to take time to have fun and love, or go without.  But most of all, I learned I have to be open and show it." Family member
  • "This program reinforced that if a person wants change in there life and success once released, then they should put the effort towards that end by taking classes like this to effect that change." Inmate
  • "I look forward to life - I never had one!  This program is a cornerstone for a new life - especially because of family attending - allowing us to work and plan our life together." Inmate
  • "This is the best class I've ever taken for a family when you're getting released." Inmate
  • "This program not only spoke to the issues of the released prisoner - but also gave my wife and I valuable insight to improve our own relationship." Family member
  • "The greatest strength of this program was actually meeting with my family to discuss the expectations of each other upon release and also working out a release plan with them." Inmate



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